Rezumat Nomad - James Swallow

Nomad: The most explosive thriller you'll read all year Nomad is unputdownable. A must-read. - Wilbur Smith Find the truthbefore they find you.   A pulse-racing terrorist thriller - perfect for fans of I Am Pilgrim, Bourne, 24 and Homeland   Marc Dane is a MI6 field agent at home behind a computer screen, one step away from the action.
Citește tot rezumatul cărții Nomad... But when a brutal attack on his team leaves Marc as the only survivor - and with the shocking knowledge that there are traitors inside MI6 - he's forced into the front line.   However the evidence seems to point towards Marc as the perpetrator of the attack. Accused of betraying his country, he must race against time to clear his name.   With nowhere to turn to for help and no one left to trust, Marc is forced to rely on the elusive Rubicon group and their operative Lucy Keyes. Ex US Army, Lucy also knows what it's like to be an outsider, and she's got the skills that Marc is sorely lacking.   A terrorist attack is coming, one bigger and more deadly than has ever been seen before. With the eyes of the security establishment elsewhere, only Lucy and Marc can stop the attack before it's too late.   An intelligent, likable and, above all, believable hero is faced with a frighteningly credible threat in a thriller that hits the tarmac running and doesn't stop accelerating until its terrifying conclusion. - Ben Aaronovitch, author of the Sunday Times bestselling PC Peter Grant novels   A terrific white-knuckle, lip-chewing thriller. Marc Dane is the British Jason Bourne. About bloody time! - Rhianna Pratchett Citește mai puțin...

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Următoarea carte pe care vrei să o citești trebuie să fie Nomad scrisă de James Swallow. Nomad a apărut în anul 2016. O mulțime de cărți bune au apărut în anul 2016 (click ca să vezi lista cărților). Editura la care s-a publicat cartea Nomad este editura ZAFFRE - poți vedea lista completă de cărți publicate la editura ZAFFRE aici. Cartea Nomad face parte din categoria Categoria: Beletristica Limbi Straine. Este o carte groasă - trebuie să îți faci timp pentru ea - are 496 de pagini. Sperăm să îți placă timpul petrecut lecturând Nomad și, de asemenea, sperăm că autorul James Swallow, s-a ridicat la nivelul așteptărilor.


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