Rezumat The Age of Titans - William M. Murray

While we know a great deal about naval strategies in the classical Greek and later Roman periods, our understanding of the period in between—the Hellenistic Age—has never been as complete. However, thanks to new physical evidence discovered in the past half-century and the construction of Olympias, a full-scale working model of an Athenian trieres (trireme) by the Hellenic Navy during the 1980s, we now have new insights into the evolution of naval warfarefollowing the death of Alexander the Great.
Citește tot rezumatul cărții The Age of Titans... In what has been described as an ancient naval arms race, the successors of Alexander produced the largest warships of antiquity, some as long as 400 feet carrying as many as 4000 rowers and 3000 marines. Vast, impressive, and elaborate, these warships "of largerform"—as described by Livy—were built not just to simply convey power but to secure specific strategic objectives. When these particular factors disappeared, this "Macedonian" model of naval power also faded away—that is, until Cleopatra and Mark Antony made one brief, extravagant attempt to reestablish it, an endeavor Octavian put an end to once and for all at the battle of Actium. Representing the fruits of more than thirty years of research, The Age of Titans provides the mostvibrant account to date of Hellenistic naval warfare. Citește tot Restrânge Citește mai puțin...

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Următoarea carte pe care vrei să o citești trebuie să fie The Age of Titans scrisă de William M. Murray. The Age of Titans a apărut în anul 2014. O mulțime de cărți bune au apărut în anul 2014 (click ca să vezi lista cărților). Editura la care s-a publicat cartea The Age of Titans este editura Oxford University Press - poți vedea lista completă de cărți publicate la editura Oxford University Press aici. Cartea The Age of Titans face parte din categoria Stiinte. Este o carte groasă - trebuie să îți faci timp pentru ea - are 384 de pagini. Sperăm să îți placă timpul petrecut lecturând The Age of Titans și, de asemenea, sperăm că autorul William M. Murray, s-a ridicat la nivelul așteptărilor.


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